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Art For The Heart 2017: What is it all about?


Art for the Heart is an art exhibition that honours the use of creativity as a powerful source of healing and expression during the process of grief. It offers a space for people to tell their stories of loss, love & hope in new ways and to bring the community together to share the often hidden experiences of grief and depression. The next Art for the Heart Exhibition will be held at Parliament House, Queens Hall, East Melbourne. The exhibition will be open to the public from 8th – 10th August 2017. 9am-5pm daily. Free Admission.

Registrations for the 2017 Art for the Heart Exhibition are now open.

For event details and artist information please read through their Information page.




Hi All,

I have taken my finger of the key and been busy with paint ink and resin… running a few classes … they are growing and fun is being had. It takes me away from the main stream but I think I need it to get into the creative space as the day job is a little bland.. now before those of you who know me complain… it isn’t the people ….. its the numbers lol.

Below is what I have been working on:

bianca2 coco2

I have just about finished this resin piece

Blue Nebula 2015

and I am working on this piece now, trust me the finished piece will bear no resemblance to the start and this is the start lol

current work unnamed

It is over a metre long on linen so the piece above is only a small part of the whole… still working through the logistics on how to get what is in my head onto the canvas making the least amount of errors and wasting none of the paint… never going to happen. I start then the paint does its own thing and I have to start planning all over again just as well I like the challenge and the alchemy of this process.. Warning doesn’t suit someone who likes to paint by numbers lol cause the numbers keep changing and I just keep my toes crossed that it will get there in the end … don’t you?

Oh… I also purchased a Icarus paint board … so looking forward to playing with this … will post the outcomes when known… have fun painting ….



Vickis-Horse-1 I have been so buy working on my resin work I have neglected to finish anything new so I felt it was time to try again representational art this time with one of my favourite subjects… very pleased with the outcome working with ink and yupo paper is a trial and error put I do like the outcome. The horse: I created multiple wash on the paper let it dry and then used freehand to draw a picture, I then used ink to enhance the horse and pen to finish. Now the tiger below I used making fluid to block out colour after drawing the tiger onto the white paper. I then washed the paper let it dry and took of the making fluid and finished. I think the horse is a better way of doing it so I might try doing the tiger again using the above method and reversely try the horse again using the tiger method… experiment…experiment is the key don’t you think … it is helping me get my mojo back with regard to drawing….I know practice …practice … if only I had the time to practice lol  enjoy



blue nebula 4Blue Nebula 2015

Above is the result of an artist going back to a painting and giving it a make over lol. both are Blue Nebula the first one was for 2015 Artzbliz for me it was great but is wasn’t multilayered enough as I only had time to put the 2 layers… so on getting it back I wanted to add some layers and the result is a Blue Nebula with much more depth and layers around 7 or 8. look closely and you will see the use of gold balls a great new find as I like to add a collage effect to my work as well enjoy…




Hi all,

Been busy getting ready for upcoming exhibition at Piece Gallery.. so excitingSoulful JourneyFlow of Life- the feminine Journey

Flow of Life – the Feminine Journey is a triptych that depicts the life force. The circular curves represent the feminine form  while the lines represent the life force. Much the same as the life force you find in you hands. Hold you hand up and take a good look at it. You will see lines running up and down your fingers these are energy lines the more you have the more energy or life force you have.

The feminine essence ebbs and flows glistening like energy moving through life. The repartition order and harmony while the colour givers the attributes of vibrancy,healing passion and fertility. The dominate colours of blue show life’s order, while the silver is the very essence of the feminine form being mother.

Soulful Journey- is my view of a whimsical journey as  a soul leaves this plane to enter the next. You will see if you look closely that there are small beads that show the souls moving upward into the sky while the plants just move in the breeze and the butterflies sail upwards with the precious souls of life signifying the ceremony some of perform when we have lost someone.



Now moving on…. I need to get ready for the following two exhibition/art shows. Im working on one for a Yarraville gallery… it needs to be funky once I have finished I will load my triptych and you can be the judge…lol… also there is a art show in Bacchus Marsh for Rotary … not sure what to enter I think I will enter a few pieces I have done that I have hanging… two that have yupo paper as the medium and one resin one…. I will load once I have decided for now I need to get back to work lol…. or is that fun… the work was cleaning up my studio area yesterday lol big mess lol and to think I have taken over the kitchen table and the artwork has to be swept aside if anyone wants to have a meal at the table..lol … at least it is a big table….have fun creating my fellow creators…. we will chat again soon



rock spirits2Rock Spirits 3

Creators Besides Blue nebula I have been working on 6 small works for another Art Show in Fitzroy at the Brunswick Street Gallery. Each piece had to be no more than 30cmx30cm.

Some I already had and I created a few more to complete the story I wanted to tell. Rock spirits ( above) I wanted to experiment with layering the figures between the layering of the resin the result although I don’t know if you can see it is ….. the figures lay into the work and you only really see them when you walk towards it from the side, interesting effect that I might explore further.

Autumn Rain below.. again I moved away from the way I usually work with resin, it has only one layer of resin… I used wet medium to get flow and allow the alchemy of the paint do the work, added some sparkle ( a girl can never have to much sparkle)  and layered  with resin… probably commercial application … but not the intricate depth I like to get with resin…. it is all about getting the art out there and seeing how it plays out… 

Autumn rain

Then I added a few resin layers to work I have already done as they were not smooth, I like using modelling paste etc and it can lead to ridges and spikes, on the one with flowers again I trapped ink pen to get a further dimension… it is all about experimenting to get that effect… chasing the effect that places it apart from other works lol..I must say it is hard to get the camera to tell the real story of these paintings .. take coral sporing… (greeny one) it looks flat but in the right light the gold shimmers through… such a great medium for the eyes… a feast for the eyes I think lol enjoy

summertimeuniversal chaos

Univeral WonderCoral sporing



bl;ue nebula 6 bleu nebula 8  blue nebula 4

Hi Fellow creators… it has been busy since my last post. Above is Blue Nebula.. created for a 24 hour art challenge called Art Blitz 2015. The work had to be created in the 24 time frame once the theme was announced on 1 May at 5pm .. the race was on to complete and deliver by 5pm the following day. So the I set a room in the house set the temperature to keep it warm ( it is cold here of a night) so I could dry my piece after every coat. I decided on canvas, mixed media including resin… now that was a challenge… it takes about 7 hours presently to get touch dry so I could only afford to coat resin once… oh well … if it doesn’t sell or even if it does the purchaser can always return to me for a additional coats as  that is what brings out the wonderful iridescent tones I have layered into the piece.